Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated Olive Oil Products

We have been producing Ozonated Olive Oil and Soaps for the last 12 years.  Our products are carefully manufactured with only Medical Grade Oxygen to ensure you receive a pure Ozone Gel.  Our soaps are made from Vegetable Based Glycerine and our pure ozonated olive oil Gels.

All soaps are hand made and will assist you to exfoliate, detox, cleanse & moisturize to leave your skin feeling healthy and soft.
We are the only Ozone Skin Product manufacturer that are a member of the Ozone Association of Southern Africa.

Visit our online store to see the different sizes and prices for our Ozonated Olive Oil.  You can also buy our products wholesale for reselling.  Please contact us for a price list.

You can buy our Ozonated Olive Oil products in South Africa only.