Oxygen Skin Olive Gel Soap – Pure Ozonated Olive Oil Soap


This is a natural hand made soap with no fragrance or colours.


This is a natural ozonated olive oil soap without colourants and fragrances.

Only vegetable based glycerine is used in the manufacturing of the product.

Soaps are manufactured in small batched to ensure you receive an excellent product. The soap also contain our famous Oxygen Skin Olive Gel Ozonated Olive Oil

Oxygen Skin Olive Gel Soap is gentle for every day use on body and face. Also excellent for washing underwear if you sensitive to washing powders.

I originally created this soap for my own use as I am sensitive to colours and fragrances in normal soap. A must use if you suffer from vaginal infections.

We have recently changed our branding and packaging might appear different on actual product.


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